Krauthammer on Obama’s Trayvon Speech: “Not Enlightening” – It Was Not About Race (Video)

Charles Krauthammer slammed Barack Obama’s Trayvon speech yesterday. Krauthammer correctly pointed out the speech was “not enlightening.” – The Trayvon Martin case was not about race.

Chris Hengler at Townhall reported:

I appreciate Krauthammer shooting down Steve Hayes’ attempt to praise Obama’s White House Press Conference appearance on the George Zimmerman verdict. Sadly, I’ve heard too many conservatives give the thumbs up to The One’s “heart-felt” and “genuine” speech. There are two reasons I don’t like it and these two reasons were the thread running through his 17 minute speech: 1) He was an apologist for black victim hood. 2) He appealed to the sentiments of white guilt. That in itself disqualifies the speech from having any positive or redemptive aspects. When he tried to speak “positive” at the end, it was immediately nullified based on the first part of his speech–the 9 or so minutes of his NAACP-like talking points.

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