Asian Woman – TIAN JIAMEL ARRESTED in Green Paint Vandalism at National Cathedral and Smithsonian

Two chapels at the National Cathedral and a Smithsonian Statue were vandalized today with green paint.

The Children’s Chapel and Bethlehem Chapel were both vandalized.
Ken Molestina at USA9 reported:
green chapel

organ p[aint
The woman splashed green paint on the pipe organ in the National Cathedral. (CBS)


Tian Jiamel, 58, was arrested inside the cathedral shortly after the paint was found and charged with defacing property.

A Smithsonian Statue was also defaced today with green paint.
green paint cathedral
Paint was also found on the front and back of the Joseph Henry statue’s pedestal. The statue is located outside the Smithsonian castle. (12 News Now)

A woman "with a language barrier” was arrested today for vandalizing the National Cathedral and a statue at the Smithsonian.
The AP reported:

A woman was arrested Monday after green paint was found splattered inside two chapels at the Washington National Cathedral, and police were investigating her in connection with two similar incidents on the National Mall, authorities said.

The woman was arrested inside the cathedral shortly after the paint was found, police and cathedral officials said. Investigators were hoping to question her about the vandalism on the Mall, including at the Lincoln Memorial, but a language barrier delayed the interrogation, Assistant D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said.

The woman would likely be charged with destruction of property, Newsham said.

Green paint was found early Friday morning on the Lincoln Memorial, and symbols were found painted in green later Friday on another statue on the Mall. The Lincoln Memorial was closed temporarily but reopened later Friday.

Officials at the cathedral discovered the paint inside two chapels Monday afternoon. It was still wet, which led them to believe the vandalism had just occurred. Officials called police immediately and closed the cathedral to visitors while authorities searched the grounds.

The paint was splashed onto an organ and on the floor inside the cathedral’s historic Bethlehem Chapel on the basement level, officials said. It was also found inside Children’s Chapel in the nave of the cathedral.

Also Monday, U.S. Park Police said green paint was found on the statue of Joseph Henry outside the headquarters of the Smithsonian Institution on the Mall. Henry was the Smithsonian’s first secretary.

If anyone can read what she was writing on the statue or can detect the language that would be helpful.

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