Six Thousand Attend Memorial to Fallen Arizona ‘Hotshots’

By Rachel Pulaski

Prescott Memorial

An estimated 6,000 firefighters, family members and first responders attended the emotional memorial service of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who died in the Yarnell Hill Fire on June 30. An estimated 2,000 more watched the service outside in the parking lot on jumbo screens.

Out of state fire departments in attendance included New Mexico, Utah, Texas, California and fire departments from almost every large city including New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago.  Canadian firefighters from Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg also paid tribute.


The firefighters from Phoenix and LA Counties staffed the stations in Prescott to allow the Prescott firefighters to pay tribute to their fallen brothers. Since there was not enough hotels to accommodate all of the firefighters from out of town, an estimated 800 residents of Prescott opened their homes to out of town firefighters attending the memorial.

Sole survivor of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, Brendan McDonough, reads the Hot Shot’s prayer at the memorial service for the fallen firefighters:

A memorial is being created at the site of the fatalities which includes a 30 foot flag pole that will constantly be lit.   More pictures can be seen at the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial page on Facebook.

Our prayers are with the friends and family members of the fallen Hotshot crew as well as the Prescott Fire Department.


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