Everyone ‘Must Have Some Skin in the Game’… Obamas to Stay at $7.6 Million Vacation Home

Sequester?… What sequester?
The Obamas will stay at $7.6 million home at Martha’s Vineyard.
obama hypocrite vacation

Back in January 2009, Barack Obama told Americans that,
“Everyone must sacrifice… Everyone must have some skin in the game.”

Well… Everyone but Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Obama family is returning to Martha’s Vineyard for their latest vacation while the rest of the country suffers.
The Washington Examiner reported:


The Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard, the exclusive playground for presidents and their families, is about to get its annual summer infusion of cash and attention as President Obama and his family prepare to arrive August 10 for an eight-day vacation.

Local reports indicate that the first family will likely be staying at a $7.6 million resort home on southern edge of the island in the town of Chilmark where homes feature water access to Chilmark Pond, tennis courts and swimming pools.

Staying at the home of Chicago corporate finance manager David Schulte is a break from past Obama vacations because the $21 million home they’ve rented, Blue Heron Farm, isn’t available. Schulte’s summer home sits on nine and a half acres, has ocean views and a basketball court.

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