Egyptian Cleric: Christianity Emerged From Penis Worship – Christian Women Train Dogs to Replace Husband (Video)

Lovely people. Let’s send them more cash.
Egyptian Cleric Abu Islam: Christianity Emerged from Penis Worship; Christian Women Raise Dogs to Replace Husbands

Egyptian cleric Abu Islam made the comments on Al-Omma TV.
MEMRI has the transcript:

Egyptian cleric Abu Islam: I swear to God the Almighty – and believe me, I am not lying – that the Church worship originated in the worship of the penis. I swear to God. This is documented in dozens of pictures.

Let me tell you something – it’s indecent, but true. Take a look at a picture of Jesus, and you’ll see a penis, right here. Or is it on this side? Oh, it’s on the right side. A penis, right here. There are many pictures like this. They worship it.

[…] [Christian women] raise cats and dogs as a substitute for husbands. They train their dogs to play the husband. I swear to God, I am not lying. They buy dogs for this purpose. They train dogs to play the husband on them. Christian women do that.

Mark Steyn added:


If you replace the word “Church” with “Democratic Party” and the word “Jesus” with “Anthony Weiner”, it’s actually a pretty sound analysis.

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