“Defend the Dream” Race-Baiters to Hold Another Rally at FL State Capitol Tomorrow

The far left Dream Defenders are planning another rally Tuesday in the Florida State Capitol.

The “defenders” are protesting a state court’s decision in the George Zimmerman trial. They want the state’s “Stand Your Ground” laws eliminated. They also support other far left causes and want free stuff.

The Dream Defenders held a rally last week in the state capitol, too.

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WTXL reported:

The Dream Defenders are now planning their own special session.

The protesters say they are responding to Governor Rick Scott’s refusal to call a special legislative session on Florida’s controversial stand your ground law.

The Dream Defenders say they are gearing up for the first day of their “People’s Session” that begins Tuesday at the old Capitol building at one p.m.

Organizers tell us the issues they plan to discuss include the stand your ground law and racial profiling.

They say professors from Florida A&M University and Florida State University will be participating and the public is invited to attend. The Dream Defenders have been camping out at the Capitol for 13 days. This comes after the jury handed down a not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says the protests are costing thousands of dollars in additional security each day at the Capitol.

Here’s a press release from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on daily costs from the protests at the capitol for July 28, 2013:
Daily Estimated Costs and Incident Reports for Capitol Protests – July 28, 2013

Estimated Costs*
Overall Total-
Overall OT Total –
Total for July 27-
*Includes regular time and overtime.

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