Black Mob Beats Waiter in Baltimore – Breaks His Jaw (Video)

Don’t lock your car doors.
A Baltimore waiter had his jaw broke on Sunday after leaving work in an Italian neighborhood in Baltimore.
The man was leaving work when he was jumped by the mob.

He escaped the thugs by running into a local wine bar.

FOX Baltimore reported:


A man was assaulted by a group of people early Sunday morning in Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood and part of the attack was captured on camera.

The attack happened at around 12:45 a.m. at Bank and Exeter Streets. The victim, who works at a restaurant in the area, was walking down the street when a mob of people approached him and started beating him.

The video shows the victim trying to get away, but stumbles and the mob starts attacking him again. The victim was finally able to run into a nearby wine bar for help. Coworkers of the victims say he is still in the hospital after having surgery on his jaw.

They also say they are now taking extra steps to be safe.

“A girl at my work got robbed right before that, we think, by the same people. So she’s been staying at my house just because it’s not safe for her to be by herself. But our managers are making sure that nobody’s walking to the garage anymore. So they’re driving us to our cars from now on,” coworker Jackie Quattrochi said.

This is the latest mob action ignored by the national media.

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