Anti-Harassment Group: 46 Women Sexually Assaulted in Tahrir Square on Sunday

An anti-harassment group reported forty-six sexual assaults on women in Tahrir Square during the Sunday protests.

Men with sticks were reportedly attacking women at the metro station.

Al-Ahram reported:

Forty-six sexual assaults are reported by Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment (OpAntiSH) during the huge protests covered by international media in Tahrir Square that intend to oust Egypt’s President Morsi.

“There [were] men with sticks at the entrance of the metro station across from KFC in Tahrir who are attacking women,” reports OpAntiSH, a volunteer group that works to combat sexual violence in protests within the square’s perimeter in downtown Cairo.

Hundreds of thousands gathered in Tahrir Square on Sunday in a mass rally against President Mohamed Morsi demanding he step down and call for early presidential elections.

Sexual harassment, mainly in the form of mob assaults, has become an issue that plagues Tahrir Square during political protests. OpAntiSH asks any volunteers to join them on Monday, since protests are expected to continue.

The group, along with Tahrir Bodyguard, another grassroots initiative fighting harassment, urged women to stay away from Tahrir Sunday night.

“The area is not safe and we recommend leaving, if possible,” Tahrir Bodyguard tweeted.

A Dutch reporter was reportedly gang-raped in Tahrir on Sunday.

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