Treasury IG Compares IRS Scandal to Nixon Only Worse – “This Is Unprecedented”

lerner shulman

Treasury Inspector General Russell George compared the Obama IRS Scandal to Nixon – but worse. George said the current IRS scandal is “unprecedented.”

He’s right.
The Obama IRS Scandal involves:

** Nearly 500 conservative groups targeted
** At least 5 pro-Israel groups targeted
** Constitutional groups targeted
** Groups that criticized Obama administration were targeted
** At least two pro-life groups targeted
** A Texas voting-rights group was targeted
** Conservative activists and businesses were targeted.
** At least 88 IRS agents were involved in the targeting scandal


The Hill reported:

The Treasury Inspector General who uncovered the improper targeting of Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service said Monday he was stunned by what his investigation uncovered.

Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), said the targeting at the IRS his probe discovered was “unprecedented,” and the closest comparison that came to mind was the targeting of political enemies by the administration of Richard Nixon.

“During the Nixon administration, there were attempts to use the Internal Revenue Services in manners that might be comparable in terms of misusing it. I’m not saying the actions taken here are comparable,” he told a House Appropriations subcommittee. “This is unprecedented.”

The TIGTA report, released in April, has set off a blizzard of controversy on Capitol Hill, and has led to the resignation or removal of several top IRS officials.

George testified alongside Danny Werfel, who took over the IRS as acting commissioner roughly two weeks ago, following the resignation of the former Acting Commissioner Steven Miller.

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