Sorry Kooks… Tornado Numbers and Deaths Are Still Way Below Average

Junk scientists like to use tornadoes as evidence of global warming.
They like to say it is further proof that man is killing the planet by causing the Earth’s crust to heat up. This line is particularly effective for leftists after a large tornado like the one in Monroe Moore, Oklahoma.

Of course, it’s not true.
The number of twisters this year is way below the annual average.

tornado stats
(FOX News)

And the number of deaths is far below the 3-year average.
tornado deaths
(FOX News)

Last year the US registered the fewest tornadoes in history.
The NOAA reported:

From May 2012-April 2013, the estimate is that there were 197 tornadoes rated EF1 or stronger. Where does that stack up historically? Well, we have pretty good data back to 1954. During that time, the previous low for (E)F1 and stronger tornadoes in a 12 consecutive calendar month period was 247, from June 1991-May 1992. The next lowest (ignoring the overlapping periods, such as April 2012-March 2013) was 270 from November 1986-October 1987.

This chart from Storm Prediction Center shows that the number of tornadoes and tornado deaths is way down this year compared to previous years.
tornado chart

March 2013 was one of the least tornadic Marches in the U.S. in decades. Only 17 tornadoes were tallied across the nation in March 2013, according to Severe Weather Expert, Dr. Greg Forbes. It should also be noted that weak tornadoes are much less likely to go undetected today compared to past years due to technology. This contributes to rising tornado counts compared to past decades.

No matter how hard the left try to tie tornadic activity to global warming, it just doesn’t work. Remember that the next time the liberal media tries to exploit a tornado for their climate change agenda.

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