Indonesian Islamist Busted After Posting Terror Plot on Facebook

Indonesian Islamist Sefa Riano (Mambo Wahab) was arrested after posting his plans to bomb the Myanmar Embassy on Facebook.
mambo wahab facebook

His Facebook page is plastered with photos of men with beards in camouflage.
The Courier Post reported, via Religion of Peace:

Sefa Riano didn’t try to hide his plans or his beliefs. A Facebook page that police traced to him is plastered with photos of bearded men in camouflage uniforms holding rifles and banners hailing “The Spirit of Jihad.”

One status update in late April apologizes to his parents before telling them goodbye. Another declares ominously, “God willing, I will take action at the Myanmar Embassy, hope you will share responsibility for my struggle.” It ends with a yellow smiley face.

Days later, police arrested Riano, whose Facebook name is Mambo Wahab, just before midnight in central Jakarta. Police say he and another man were on a motorbike carrying a backpack filled with five low-explosive pipe bombs tied together. Riano, 29, is awaiting charges that he plotted to bomb the embassy to protest the persecution of Muslims in Buddhist-majority Myanmar.

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