Brrr… Europe Is Suffering Through Coldest Spring in 20 Years – May Be Looking at a Year Without Summer

Global Cooling Is Here-
global cooling spring
The temperatures this year in Europe are down a full two degrees, and in France, three degrees. (Photo Credit: La Chaine Meteo)

Europe just suffered its coldest Spring in 20 years with concerns that the continent may be looking at a “Year Without Summer” just like in 1816.
Ace of Spades reported:

Europe just suffered the coldest spring in 20 years, with average temperatures down a full two degrees C; France got shellacked with a 3 degrees C drop.

The last Year Without a Summer lasted 40 months. That very cold summer was caused by volcanoes churning up ash into the skies. But there isn’t any noteworthy volcanism going on now.

Which means this must be caused by something else.

You guessed it, Global Warming. Global warming is causing the frigid temperatures in Europe.

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