BOOM!… Key Witness John Good Dismantles State’s Case Against George Zimmerman (Video)

Key witness neighbor John Good dismantled the state’s case against George Zimmerman. Good also heard George Zimmerman screaming for help.

“He was on his back. The person on the top was the same person on the top when they were T-shaped to the sidewalk… Like, there was only one person. Then I could see a second person. It looked more than just a tussle. And that’s when I thought it got serious when they moved up to the sidewalk and he was more in a straddle position and arm movements were going downward… As soon as I saw the arm movement that’s when I went back inside. In the beginning (I heard George Zimmerman screaming for help) when I saw someone under the person on top.”

This was devastating for the prosecution.

Via America’s Newsroom:

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