NUTS… Joe Biden Talks About ‘Deliverance’ Man Rape to Victims Support Network (Video)

Joe Biden outdoes himself…
At an event yesterday to a domestic violence support network Joe Biden talked about man rape from the movie Deliverance.

Bridget Johnson at PJ Media reported:

Vice President Joe Biden drew parallels with the movie Deliverance while addressing a benefit dinner for a volunteer legal group that helps domestic violence survivors.

Biden’s daughter-in-law, Kathleen Biden, is a co-chair of the group. Calling him “Pop,” she introduced the veep to the crowd packed with even more Bidens.

According to the White House pool report, he peppered his speech with family stories…

…Biden talked about his work in Congress on the Violence Against Women Act when he brought up the Deliverance reference.

“After those guys tied that one guy to the tree and raped him, man-raped him in the film, why didn’t the guy go the sheriff?” Biden asked. “They don’t want to get raped again by the system.”

What a doofus.

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