State Department Orders IT Group to Remove Blueprints for Liberator 3D Printable Gun

The State Department’s Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance requested that Defense Distributed remove the digital blueprint for its “Liberator” 3D-printable gun.

3d printable gun
There are those who will only let their firearms be taken away from their cold, dead 3D printers. Defense Distributed, a group of IT professionals, students, and engineers located in the US and Germany, have reported to Forbes that the downloads for its Liberator gun have reached 100,000. Earlier this week, they had demonstrated their product being discharged successfully in Texas. Since then, California Senator Leland Yee has been taking steps to ban the weapon, attempting to outlaw the manufacture of 3D-printed guns…

…Senator Yee is seeking to block the production of 3D printed weapons. “I plan to introduce legislation that will ensure public safety and stop the manufacturing of guns that are invisible to metal detectors and that can be easily made without a background check,” he said in a statement. (


Today the State Department ordered Defense Distributed to remove blueprints for its 3D printable gun.

Here’s the letter to Defense Distributed.

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