Sectarian Clashes in Egypt Leave One Dead and Several Wounded

One person was killed in Alexandria Friday night when thousands of Muslims tried to storm the Al-Azraa Church during clashes with Coptic Christians.

Al-Abram reported:

One person has died and dozens injured in clashes between Muslims and Coptic Christians in Egypt’s north coast city of Alexandria, the Ahram Arabic news website reported.
Clashes erupted Friday night in Al-Geish Street in western Alexandria, after a fight started between two young men, one Copt and the other Muslim, when the Copt allegedly sexually harassed the latter’s sister. The parties involved in the fight reportedly used Molotov cocktails and machine guns.

The incident left one person, Sherif Sedki Saad, dead by a heart-attack during the clashes, and dozens others injured.

Nasser El-Abd, Alexandria’s investigations director, said that Central Security Forces prevented the crowds from storming into Al-Azraa Church in Al-Geish Street where clashes have been taking place. Security forces have also spread in the area to restore order.

According to Reuters, police arrested eight people after two hours of fighting.

The situation is currently reported to be calm in the area.

This was the second attack this week on a Christian Church in Egypt.

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