Obama On Benghazi: “There’s No There There”… Obama’s “Define Is” Moment… The Nation’s WTF Moment

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Today Obama stated at a press conference when asked about: “There’s no there there.” The nation collectively scratching their heads. The Sarah Palin quote is coming to mind.


The Daily Caller provides a video and reports the following on Obama’s talking points:

President Obama said Monday that any discussion of the shifting talking points surrounding last September’s terror attack in Benghazi is nothing but “a sideshow.”

The whole issue of talking points frankly throughout this process has been a sideshow,” Obama said during a Monday morning press conference, arguing that the administration was initially unclear about the specifics of the September 11 attack on the American diplomatic facility.

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Basically Obama’s defense is “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” The video below picks up where the Daily Caller clip leaves off.

 This is not only a WTF moment… it’s a laughable moment.


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