IRATE COLBERT BUSH Lashes Out at Sanford Over Release of Her Arrest Record (Video)

colbert busch
She wanted to keep her arrest record a secret.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch lashed out at Mark Sandford in an interview last night after her arrest record was released.
Fits News reported:

Democratic congressional candidate Elizabeth Colbert-Busch ripped into her opponent in an emotional, election eve interview addressing her 1988 arrest on contempt of court charges.

In the exclusive interview with WCBD TV 2 (NBC – Charleston, S.C.), Colbert-Busch says that “Mark Sanford and his allies have been trying to release (information on her arrest) for some time.”

“I want to protect my children so … didn’t want to bring it up, talk about it … but since it’s out there let me tell you about it,” she says of the incident.

“Twenty-seven years ago I left an abusive marriage,” Colbert-Busch told WCBD, her voice cracking with emotion. “I left because I had to protect myself and my children. I went to court to try and get help and during that time the judge became very frustrated with the situation – and that’s how I wound up where I was.”

Colbert-Busch called the release of her arrest record a “pathetic, desperate display of behavior” on the part of the Sanford campaign.

Here’s the video from News2:
WCBD-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Charleston, SC


And, once again, here’s the mugshot:
colbert bush mug shot

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