Clueless Obama Supporter Spielberg to Make ‘American Sniper’ Movie About Chris Kyle

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Oy… the clueless duplicitous Liberal Spielberg Hollywood elite will be in charge of portraying the story of a great conservative hero like Chris Kyle. It is no mystery that the Hollywood Elite hate the 2nd amendment, and Chris Kyle, who saved countless American lives as a Navy SEAL sniper, is the embodiment of the 2nd amendment—a good guy with a gun who killed lots of bad guys with guns.

Hopefully Spielberg will be true to the book but there’s little confidence that a Liberal Hollywood elistist and Obama-loving Spielberg will give the audience an honest account of Chris’s story.


This is the same Hollywood elitist who drooled over Obama at the White House Correspondence Dinner, and who posted a parody video from the WHCD on the WH youtube channel. These are the same Hollywood elites who support the constant abuse of the first amendment right to bang a drum against the second amendment. So it seems as odd timing that as Obama ratchets up his battle against the 2nd amendment and Holder wants to brainwash the American public to hate and fear guns, that Spielberg suddenly takes an interest in doing a movie about a man who is the epitome of conservatism and found guns as an extremely valuable tool. A man who loves G-d, country, family, and guns—everything the Liberals hate. What could go wrong?

 The HollywoodReporter offers the following:

The Warner Bros. project will star Bradley Cooper, who has been developing the project as a producer.

Steven Spielberg has found his next directing project: an adaptation of American Sniper, the autobiography of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, which is set up at Warner Bros.

Bradley Cooper is attached to star and has been developing the project as a producer.

Spielberg also will produce with Andrew Lazar via his Mad Chance Productions along with Peter Morgan. […]

Spielberg had been on the hunt for a project since putting his initial follow-up to the award-winning Lincoln, the tentpole Robopocalypse, was put on an indefinite hold.

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Personally, I’ll trust Chris’s wife, Taya Kyle, to give a deeper account into Chris Kyle as a man, as a husband, as a father, and as a great American icon and hero. Taya Kyle provided an extremely moving speech at a recent NRA-ILA Leadership Forum. Take it away Taya…

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