Virginia Councilwoman Makes Student Cry When She Sees Racism in Black Stick Figure on Quilt (Video)

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

So much for Obama’s post-racial America…

There were two symbolic stick figures on the quilt in which one represented no knowledge while the other represented enlightenment after the learning assignment. Can you imagine a nervous young student who was proud to discuss the quilt work, and the horror when Martinsville, Virginia Councilwoman Sharon Brooks-Hodge suddenly accused the student of racism over a black stick figure in the quilt?


Where does the liberal insanity end? Sharon Brooks-Hodge thinks that a stick figure using the color black is racist and wants to see “you white people” as stick figures on the quilt. Isn’t that racist? Oh wait… it’s not racist when it’s a Liberal doing it.

Does the councilwoman see only the color of stick figures instead of the content of meaning?

WDBJ7 news has the full presentation and reports the following:

A city councilwoman says a quilt made by a group of students should not be allowed to hang in the Martinsville City administration building.

She says the quilt is offensive to African Americans.

But the students who made it say it showcases what they learned working on a special project.

It’s a story that’s got plenty of people talking.

It was supposed to be a nice gesture from students at the Piedmont Governor’s School in Martinsville.

Each student made a quilt square.

But one representing their journey learning about the area with a black stick figure offended councilwoman Sharon Brooks-Hodge.

Here’s what happened:

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It should be noted that the local media reports the councilwoman apologizes. Hodge offers the typical Liberal apology of standing behind her original statements but sorry if anyone is offended by her insanity. The video in this article merely displays the Liberal troops circling the wagons and rallying around Hodge, asking everyone to stop talking about the story. That’s a weird apology.


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