VIDEO — 50-60 Injured When Car Crashes Into Virginia Hiker Parade

Fifty to sixty people were injured today when a car crashed into a parade in Damascus, Virginia.
The annual hiker parade in Damascus, VA was cut short today when an out of control vehicle plowed into the crowd.

Here’s a wild video from Damascus.
(Warning on language)

They were trying to lift the car to get the people out from under it.

Newser reported:


Up to 60 people have been injured, some critically, after a man drove a car into a crowd during a parade in southwestern Virginia. Three victims were flown to hospital via helicopter, and another 12 to 15 went by ambulance, after being struck while watching the Hikers Parade at a festival celebrating the Appalachian Trail in the small mountain town of Damascus, reports the AP. Four of the victims are considered seriously injured, adds the Bristol Herald Courier.

The identity of the driver, and why he drove into the crowd, are still unknown. Witnesses say he was an elderly man—one who recognized him says he’s 80—and came in from a side street, driving into the crowd for more than 100 feet before stopping, Some victims were trapped underneath the car. “He was hitting hikers,” said a witness, “I saw hikers just go everywhere.”

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