SHOOTOUT WITH BOSTON MARATHON BOMBERS – Officer Shot Dead at MIT – Suspects Hurl Bombs – One Dead – Chechen Brothers (Video)

There was a major shootout tonight in Watertown, Massachusetts.
The suspects hurled bombs at police.
One Boston Marathon bombing suspect was killed
explosions watertown
(CBS Boston- Yahoo)

SUSPECTS IDENTIFIED: Suspect 1: Mike Mulugeta Suspect 2: Sunil Tripathi. Suspect 2 was a missing from Brown University since March! Unbelievable!

** One officer was shot and killed at MIT earlier in the night.
** Vehicle car jacked from the MIT campus just after the shooting.
** The suspects in Watertown threw explosives at the police.
The video shows the shoot-out in Watertown.
** At least 25 shots were fired.
** Two explosions were heard.
** At least one of the suspects in Watertown appeared to be a man in his 20s.
** A man in handcuffs was being questioned by the FBI in the back of an ambulance (he was later released).
** The two suspects robbed a 7-11 tonight.


Here’s the wild video of the shootout caught on tape.
(Warning on Language)

Dozens of officers and National Guard members are in Watertown.
The New York Times reported:

Two young men, armed with guns and explosives in what appeared to be backpacks, engaged in a violent standoff with dozens of police on a street in Watertown, Mass., Thursday night, a resident said.

Andrew Kitzenburg, 29, said he looked out of this third floor window to see two young men of slight build in jackets shooting at dozens of police officers from behind a black Mercedes SUV. The officers and the men were 70 yards apart, he said, and engaged in “constant gunfire.”

“A police SUV “drove towards the shooters,” he said, and was shot at until it was severely damaged. It rolled out of control, Mr. Kitzenberg said, and crashed into two cars in his driveway.

The two shooters, he said, had a large and unwieldy bomb. “They lit it, still in the middle of the gunfire, and threw it. But it went 20 yards at most.” It exploded, he said, and one of the two men ran towards the gathered police officers. He was tackled, but it was not clear if he was shot, Mr. Kitzenberg said.

The other, he said, got back into the SUV, turned it toward the officers and “put the pedal to the metal.” The car “went right through the cops, broke right through and continued west.”

The two men left “a few backpacks right by the car, and there is a bomb robot out there now.” Police had told residents to stay away from their windows, he said.

The standoff came within hours of an incident at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in which a campus police officer was shot and killed.

UPDATE: A Boston official said one Boston Marathon bombing suspect in custody, another remains on the loose.

UPDATE: Scanner: Police are in a foot pursuit chasing someone, calling for backup.

MAJOR UPDATE: BOSTON BOMBERS: Suspect #1 Mike Mulugeta and Suspect #2 Sunil Tripathi – The Missing Brown U Student

BOSTON BOMBERS: Suspect #1 and Suspect #2 are Chechen Tsarnaev Brothers

UPDATE: Police are searching for suspect #2.
sunil picture
The police released this photo.

UPDATE: Here is a terrific live-feed.

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