Judge: Drunk Driving Illegal Immigrant’s “Unique Cultural Background” Makes Him Incompetent to Stand Trial For Killing a Man

Nicolas Guaman

By: Rachel Pulaski

In August 2011, Mathew Denice (23), was riding his motorcycle when he was hit and dragged to death by a drunk illegal immigrant, Nicolas Guaman.  Guaman was illegally in the country and had no drivers license. The judge in the case now ruled he is incompetent to stand trial because of his “unique cultural background”.  The judge thinks because Guaman speaks Spanish he is unable to understand the court process despite Guaman’s former court appearances on previous charges.

My Fox Boston reported:

Judge Janet Kinton-Walker says Nicolas Guaman’s “unique cultural background” and language barrier means that he doesn’t understand the court process. The court also said that he lacks the ability to consult with his attorney properly.
Maureen Maloney, the victim’s mother does not believe Guaman is incompetent:
FOX 25’s Melissa Mahan asked Maloney whether she believes Guaman does not understand the court process in the United States because of his language barrier.”No, I don’t believe it,” said Maloney. “In the past, he’s had other run-ins with the law. He’s been in court multiple times on other charges prior to all this in August 2011 and a Spanish interpreter or no interpreter was used for those hearings and he’s always managed just fine.”

Guaman’s two brothers also have an extensive criminal past.

Milford Daily News reported:

Pablo Guaman, was charged in late January with letting Nicolas Dutan Guaman, who did not have a license, drive the pickup.

David Dutan Guaman was charged with armed assault in a dwelling, assault and battery with a (kitchen) knife, and failing to appear for two warrants for driving charges, including driving without a license, police said. The warrants were issued by Milford and Hopkinton police departments.

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