Canada Thwarts Major Terrorist Attack on New York to Toronto Train – Linked to “Al-Qaeda Elements Within Iran”

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The terrorists were plotting an attack on a passenger train from New York to Toronto.

Canadian officials will hold a press conference this afternoon after officials said they were able to thwart a major terrorist attack. The alleged plotters have been under surveillance for more than a year in Quebec and southern Ontario.
The alleged conspiracy was “an al-Qaeda-supported” plot.
Reuters reported:

Canadian police and intelligence agencies will announce multiple arrests on Monday after an operation to thwart a “major terrorist attack,” the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported, citing unidentified “highly placed” sources.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a statement that they would provide details about a “national security criminal investigation” at a news conference at 3:30 p.m. ET

The statement, which gave no details of arrests, said security forces had conducted joint operations in Toronto and in Montreal, Canada’s two biggest cities.

Officials said the plot involved an attack on a train from New York to Toronto.

Authorities would only say that the suspects were not Canadian citizens. The suspects had help from Al-Qaeda elements within Iran.


UPDATE: Via Globe and Mail, the two accused are Chiheb Esseghaier of Montreal and Raed Jaser of Toronto, the RCMP said.

UPDATE: Pundit Press has a photo of Chiheb Esseghair.

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