Vlad Putin: There Is Nothing Good About Wearing Hijabs to School

Say what you want about Vlad Putin, the eccentric Russian leader has yaytsa.
President Vladamir Putin told reporters Thursday there is nothing good about wearing hijabs to school.
hijab russia

Interfax reported, via Free Republic:

The wearing of hijabs to school is not traditional even in ethnic regions of Russia, President Vladimir Putin said, answering a question in the Direct Line on Thursday.

“There is nothing good about it. True, there are peculiarities in ethnic republics but what you speak about is not an ethnic peculiarity but a demonstration of the known attitude to religion,” Putin said.

“There has never been such a tradition in our country, in Islamic regions,” he said.

The wearing of hijabs is prohibited by law in certain Islamic countries,” Putin said.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is still trying to figure out the motive behind the Boston bombings.

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