Sunni Imam Who Supported Terrorism Is Blown Up in Suicide Blast

Pro-terrorist Sunni cleric Mohamed al-Bouti was killed last week in a suicide bombing.
al bouti funeral
Thousands of Syrian supporters mourn imam al-Bouti at his funeral in Damascus. (The National)

Before his death he pushed for terrorist attacks against the US and Israel.
Israel National News reported, via Religion of Peace:

A Syrian Sunni cleric who was killed last week in a suicide bomb attack on a central Damascus mosque has in the past expressed support for Hizbullah and advocated for bombing American and Israeli targets around the world.

The cleric, Mohamed al-Bouti, was one of 42 people who were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a mosque last Thursday. Bouti was the most senior pro-regime Sunni cleric in Syria.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) posted to YouTube two clips in which Bouti is seen supporting terrorists.

Here is Mohamed al-Bouti promoting terrorist attacks against the US and Isreal before his bombing.

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