DEMOCRATS Vote to Keep the White House Closed (Updated)

The White House Is Our House–
white house our house
The St. Paul’s 6th graders from Waverly, Iowa were denied access to the White House on Saturday. The Obama administration locked them out. So they took a few protest shots. The kids held signs saying, “The White House is our house. Please let us in.”
Of course, most mainstream media outlets ignored their protest.

The US Senate will vote today to restore White House tours.
President Obama shut down the White House to the American public after the sequester deadline passed on March 1.
The Washington Times reported:

The Senate will vote Wednesday afternoon on whether to force the White House to start allowing public tours again — one of a series of high-profile showdowns senators have scheduled as they push to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year.

After days of stalemate, lawmakers agreed to hold votes on the White House tours, on cutting off funding for political science research and on keeping meat plant inspections up and running in spite of the budget sequesters.

Congress is trying to pass the end-of-year funding before it leaves town for a two-week vacation. The House already passed its version of the bill, but senators had bogged down in fighting over what amendments they would even be allowed to vote on.

“We’re focused on all the wrong things because it’s all about the next election,” said Sen. Tom Coburn, the Oklahoma Republican who had fought to debate a number of amendments that would have cut spending and tried to rearrange the spending sequesters.

Mr. Coburn is the person who proposed restoring White House tours, and said it would be paid for by reclaiming expired money for National Park Service heritage areas.

UPDATE: Democrats voted today to keep the White House closed.
How petty.

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