Russian Tycoon and Putin Opponent Found Dead in Britain – Circumstances “Unexplained”

Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky was found dead at his home in Britain today. He was 67. Officials say the circumstances surrounding his death are unexplained.

Berezovsky was a fierce Putin critic before he emigrated to the UK in 2000.
Reuters reported:

Boris Berezovsky, the Russian oligarch who helped broker Vladimir Putin’s rise to the Kremlin’s top job only to become his fierce enemy, has been found dead at his home in Britain in unclear circumstances. He was 67.

“His death is currently being treated as unexplained and a full inquiry is under way,” police said in a statement on Saturday that did not identify Berezovsky by name.

One of Putin’s fiercest critics, Berezovsky spoke openly of overthrowing the Russian leader and said he feared for his life though it was unclear how the mathematician-turned-tycoon had died.

Russian media said he had been found dead in a Russian sauna at his house and that he may have committed suicide or had a heart attack, though the British police said only that they had launched an investigation into an unexplained death.

“I can confirm he died in his home. I’ve known him for a long, long time, we have spent a lot of time together,” Andrei Sidelnikov, a Russian dissident living in London who was a friend of Berezovsky’s, told Reuters.

“I am shocked. It is the end of an epoch.”

Police said they had launched a full investigation into the death and cordoned off his home in the commuter town of Ascot near London

Once one of Russia’s richest men, Berezovsky fell out with the Kremlin under Putin and fled Moscow for Britain where he became a vociferous opponent of Russia’s most powerful man.

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