Palestinians Torch Obama Posters and Chuck Shoes to Protest His Visit This Week (Video)

Palestinians in Bethlehem vandalized Obama poster with Swastikas this week, torched the poster and chucked shoes to protest his visit this week.
MEMRI TV reported:

From the video:

Reporter: On Monday afternoon, angry protestors expressed their opposition to the visit, by ripping up and burning images of Obama near the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Protestor: Through our protest, we are saying that Obama has no place among us. Obama implements the Israeli occupation policy of killing, of destroying, of Judaizing the settlements, of opposing a Palestinian state, and of opposing the release of the prisoners.

President Obama will not be welcomed with roses and a red carpet. We will greet him with shoes and with black banners of grief. He will be greeted by the children of the martyrs, by those who have been banished, and by the prisoners. That way, we will be saying that U.S. policy has no place in our hearts.

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