Palestinian Protesters to Obama: We Want RPGs not the CIA (Video)

Palestinian protesters rallied today in Ramallah today before Obama’s visit to the West Bank.
The protesters shouted, “We want RPGs, not collaboration with the CIA.”

Haaretz reported:

Palestinian protesters raised their hands and tried to wave away the helicopter that brought U.S. President Barack Obama to the West Bank on Thursday, accusing him of siding with Israel.

Around 150 demonstrators chanted anti-American slogans, saying they wanted weapons not presidential visits.

“We want RPGs, not collaboration with the CIA,” they shouted, referring to rocket-propelled grenades.

Obama landed in the government compound of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, saying beforehand that he was coming to listen and was not bringing any new initiatives to re-launch U.S.-sponsored peace talks that broke down in 2010.

Much of the Palestinian de facto capital Ramallah was shut down for Obama’s trip, which is set to last less than five hours, with hundreds of armed security men, police officers and plainclothes enforcers patrolling the streets.

west bank fight
The West Bank protesters carried signs promising to “fight.”

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