Libyan Jihadists Shave Coptic Priest’s Beard & Mustache – Beat the Deacons

shaved copts
Egyptian Christians with heads shaved held in Benghazi (Photo: Maha Ellawati)

During the attack last week on Libyan Coptic Christians, the Islamists shaved the beard and mustache of Father Paul and beat the deacons.
Jihad Watch reported, via Religion of Peace:

Apparently during the assault on the Coptic church in Benghazi from two weeks ago, the terrorists severely beat and shaved the beard and mustache of Father Paul, the priest of the church, as a sign of humiliation. They also beat the deacon and nine attendees.

Earlier, their fellow Libyan terrorists shaved all the heads of the approximately 100 Copts arrested for having Christian “paraphernalia,” that is, Bibles, crosses, and icons. Shaving the hair, especially the beard, of one’s opponent, is an ancient custom meant to emasculate one’s opponent, or, in these cowardly attacks, one’s unarmed victims. A decade ago, one Arab commentator discussing the Iraq war, said, “By shaving his [Saddam’s] beard, a symbol of virility in Iraq and in the Arab world, the Americans committed an act that symbolizes humiliation in our region, where getting shaved by one’s enemy means robbing him of his will.”

So Libya’s jihadis, the fellows empowered by President Obama, are apparently out to rob the will of any Christian who falls in their clutches.

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