HUGO CHAVEZ IS DEAD! …VP Says Cancer Was Likely Induced By Enemies

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The Sydney Morning Herald reported:
Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has died, according to a Reuters report sourcing his vice-president Nicolas Maduro.

maduro and chavez
Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez named Foreign minister Nicolás Maduro as his new vice-president in October 2012. (Merco Press)

Vice President Nicolas Maduro says Hugo’s cancer was likely induced.
The Devil’s Excrement reported:


Vice-President-in-impostor Nicolas Maduro has just announced that Chavez’ cancer was likely induced by the enemies of Venezuela in rambling speech.

US attache kicked out for conspiring.

Bad attempt to imitate Chavez.

Calls Chavez the new Libertador

How about that Cuban healthcare system?

More… Daniel at Venezuela News and Views added:

As we all anticipated yesterday the denouement was at hand. It came at 4:25 according to the cadena right now. The cadena earlier today must have been a preemptive strike, to start pushing the burden of guilt away from the regime.

May he find the peace that he missed in all his life.

And thus we enter the year of all dangers.

According to the Venezuelan constitution elections must be held within 30 days.

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