Hamas: Obama Has Turned His Back on Arab World

hamas fighters

Hamas leader Dr. Salah Bardawil told supporters Barack Obama had turned his back on the Arab world with his comments this week in Israel.
Al Qassam reported, via IMRA:

Hamas leader Dr. Salah Bardawil called on Palestinian political leaders in the Authority and the factions to review the Palestinian political program to face the repercussions of the remarks made by Obama on Thursday during his visit to Jerusalem and West Bank.

Bardawil described in a press statement to Quds Press the U.S. President statements calling for recognizing Israel as a Jewish state as “the most dangerous statement by an American president regarding the Palestinian issue.”

He added that the recognition of the State of Israel means practically abolishing the right of refugees to return and tampering with the fate of the Palestinians from the 1948-occupied territories.

“This shows that Obama has turned his back to all Arabs … This is serious and requires that the Palestinian leadership reformulates its political program to address this deception.”

Bardawil stressed that Hamas and the resistance in Gaza is taking the Israeli threats seriously.

“We in Gaza are always in a state of alert, as the general atmosphere is not good. The speech made by Obama yesterday in the West Bank and Jerusalem was so bad especially when he started inciting against the resistance and justifying Israel’s crimes,” said the Hamas leader.

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