Chavez’s Condition Worsens – Ailing Venezuelan Leader Struggles With Lung Infection

Venezuelan officials reported today that Hugo Chavez’s health has taken a turn for the worse and is struggling with a severe lung infection.
The Marxist leader has not been seen in public in almost three months.

The Miami Herald reported:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s health has taken a turn for the worse as he battles a “new and severe” lung infection in the wake of a trouble-plagued cancer surgery, the government said Monday.

In a televised announcement, Information Minister Ernesto Villegas said Chávez’s respiratory problems had grown more severe since the chemotherapy he is receiving in Caracas has left his immune system compromised.

“The president’s condition continues to be very delicate,” Villegas read from a prepared statement. “The commander president is holding onto Christ and life, conscious of the difficulties he is facing and following the strict program created by his medical team.’’

Villegas said the treatment includes “strong” chemotherapy and “complementary treatments” that are being “adjusted according to the evolution of his clinical condition.”

Chávez, 58, has been battling an undisclosed form of cancer since at least June, 2011. He has not been seen in public for almost three months — since he traveled to Cuba for additional surgery.

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