Jay Carney: Yes, the Sequester Idea Was Put Forward by the President’s Team (Video)

It is well known that the sequester was the Obama Administration’s idea promoted during the July 2011 debt-ceiling negotiations. The sequester includes $1.2 trillion in mandatory cuts – half from the military, half from domestic programs.

Tonight, fter beating around the bush a while, White House spokesman Jay Carney admitted to Bret Baier on Special Report that the sequester was the administration’s idea.

Here’s the transcript:


Bret Baier: Fair to say, but it was the president’s idea… You concede that point, right?

Jay Carney: What I will concede is that we were looking and the Republicans were looking for a trigger around which to build the mechanism to get us out of default possibility and the sequester was one of the ideas yes put forward, yes, by the president’s team.

But, don’t worry Democrats, the lapdog media will blame the sequester on Republicans in no time.

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