AP: Even With Gun Control You Still Get to Keep Some of Your Guns

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It’s time for your daily dose of propaganda folks…
The Obama-media is pushing the idea that a little government intrusion on your Constitutional rights is a good thing. In fact, the government will even let you keep some of your guns with their new law.
The Associated Press reported:

Congress’ latest crack at a new assault weapons ban would protect more than 2,200 specific firearms, including a semi-automatic rifle that is nearly identical to one of the guns used in the bloodiest shootout in FBI history…

… President Barack Obama has called for restoring a ban on military-style assault weapons and limiting the size of ammunition magazines.

A bill introduced last month by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. would ban 157 specific firearms designed for military and law enforcement use and exempt others made for hunting purposes. It also would ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Yet there are firearms that would be protected under Feinstein’s proposal that can take large capacity magazines like the ones used in mass shootings that enable a gunman to fire dozens of rounds of ammunition without reloading.

Feinstein said in a written response to questions from The Associated Press that the list of more than 2,200 exempted firearms was designed to “make crystal clear” that the bill would not affect hunting and sporting weapons.

So, Sen. Feinstein will let you keep some of your guns for hunting. Well that’s good… Since the Second Amendment was written to protect turkey hunters.

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