Fleeing Islamists Torch Priceless Documents at Timbuktu Library

Ahmed Baba Institute Library in Timbuktu before it was torched by Islamists. (BuildLiveGreen)

Islamists torched the Ahmed Baba Institute in Timbuktu this week before fleeing the city. The library includes 30,000 ancient documents on culture, science and geography.
The Daily Mail reported:

Islamist extremists have set fire to a library containing historic manuscripts as they fled French and Malian forces closing in on Timbuktu.

Without firing a shot, 1,000 French soldiers backed by 200 Malian troops descended on the ancient desert city, as they tried to cut off the escape of al Qaeda-linked fighters.

But before they could be rounded up, the ragtag rebels scattered into the desert, torching homes, mosques and libraries, including the city’s £16-million Ahmed Baba Institute, home to some 30,000 ancient documents on culture, science and geography.

It comes as Prime Minister David Cameron assured French president Francois Hollande that Britain is ‘keen’ to help Paris with its military operation to oust the marauding militants.

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