New Petition: Honor Courageous Woman of Color Elizabeth Warren on Sitting Bull Day

If you have a minute please sign this petition.
It’s for a worthy cause.

Help honor our first Native American woman of color US senator on Sitting Bull Day

To Recognize America’s first Native American Woman of Color in the US Senate on the Anniversary of Sitting Bull’s Death.

WHEREAS, on this day, December 15, Native American leader Sitting Bull died; and

WHEREAS, Elizabeth Warren is the first Native American woman of color elected to the Senate; and

WHEREAS, Senator Elect Warren should be recognized and honored for facing discrimination, insults and hardships due to her high cheekbones; and

WHEREAS, The time has come to honor Native American Elizabeth Warren for being the pride of the tribe.

WHEREAS, we encourage the Congress to share in this historic event by offering meals at the Congressional cafeteria that honor Native Americans including those provided by Elizabeth Warren for the cookbook Pow Wow Chow; and

We urge that the White House provide recognition and honor for Ms. Warren’s great strides on behalf of the Native American community.

Thanks for signing.

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