Judge Napolitano on FBI: “They Ran Amok With General Petraeus’ Life & His Liberties” (Video)

Judge Napolitano was not pleased with the FBI’s behavior in regards to the Petraeus Scandal.

“These emails did not indicate criminal activity. These did not implicate national security. They were not a threat to David Petraeus the person or David Petraeus the Director of the CIA. Those are the FBI’s words. So the question is, what the heck were you doing listening to his emails? How did you get the right to listen to them? Did you have a search warrant and what did you tell the judge in order to sign the search warrant? And why did you disclose this publicly in order to dislodge this otherwise superb public servant?… I think they ran amok with General Petraeus’ life, his liberties and for that he’s out of a job and it’s wrong.”

Via Happening Now:

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