Hamas Fires Iranian-Built Missiles into Northern Israel – Tel Aviv Hit (Video)

Islamic Jihad took credit for the missile attack.

The rockets reached Tel Aviv today.

The BBC reported:


Palestinian militants have attempted to hit Israel’s largest city, Tel Aviv, with missiles fired from Gaza.

Sirens sounded in the city and residents took cover, but the Israeli military says no rockets struck home.

An Israeli military spokesman said two missiles had been launched towards the Tel Aviv area but neither had hit it.

Three Israelis were killed by rockets from Gaza earlier, while 15 Palestinians have been killed in two days of Israeli attacks on Gaza.

While hundreds of rockets have landed in southern Israel in recent days, any missile landing in Tel Aviv, Israel’s commercial capital and most populous city, would mark a significant escalation of the conflict.

Reports say at least one missile landed in the sea off the city.

The armed wing of Islamic Jihad said it had fired an Iranian-built rocket at the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, AFP news agency reports.

Gates of Vienna has more from the Gaza border.

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