O’Reilly Rips Jon Stewart on Obama’s Coalition: “Those Are Not Traditional Positions” (Video)

Bill O’Reilly ripped Jon Stewart tonight on the definition of traditional American voters.
O’Reilly explained,

“Traditional American voters generally want a smaller government in Washington. More local control. Some oversight on abortion. And believe in American exceptionalism. A majority of those who voted for Obama wants a large government that spends heavily on entitlements because that reduces so-called income inequality. They want equality for gays in the marriage arena. They want unfettered abortion with no parental notification for minors. They want a one world foreign policy that gives other nations equal status to America. Here’s a bulletin to those pinheads at Comedy Central, “Those are not traditional positions.” Are we clear about this?”

Well said.

Jon Stewart likes to be cute and funny but his talking points are usually chock-full of errors.

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