Red Bull’s Space Jump with Felix Baumgartner Worth Over $100 Million in Ad Spend

According to The Telegraph – The energy drink company’s risk-taking marketing is paying off as industry insiders suggest its space jump could be worth £100m to the brand.

A gutsy call.

The Telegraph


As Felix Baumgartner dropped through the sound barrier on Sunday, his 24-mile freefall from the edge of space did not just signal world records breaking.

For relieved Red Bull executives, his safe landing represented tens of millions of pounds of media coverage. One advertising executive guessed the exposure could be worth £10m in the UK and as much as £100m worldwide. To put that in context, a 30-second ad slot during the US Super Bowl, the most prime time you can get, costs £2.2m.

The jump marked Red Bull’s most ambitious attempt yet to harness its caffeinated soft drink to the qualities of speed and adventure, following on from events ranging from a motorcyclist jumping on to the Arc de Triomphe to planes racing a slalom course metres above the Thames.

“I’m completely in awe of Red Bull as a brand,” said marketing guru Mark Borkowski. “Very few brands would have the appetite to do something so risky.”

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