Obama-Supporter Caught on Tape Vandalizing American Majority Headquarters (Video)

A vandal was caught on security tape in Pennsylvania spray painting the front of an American Majority Liberty headquarters.
Police are looking for the Obama supporter and criminal.

The Post Gazette reported on the attack:

The person who used spray paint to alter the political banners in the window of the anti-Obama office in Squirrel Hill early Saturday may have had what he thought was a clever idea, but he shouldn’t be too surprised if police come knocking at his door.

That’s because the incident, in which anti-Obama messages were transformed into pro-Obama comments with the help of some red spray paint, was caught on video.

A grainy surveillance video from the center’s storefront at Murray and Forward avenues shows a man walking up at 3:47 a.m. Saturday, spray painting the windows and then calmly walking away.

When workers arrived at the office on Saturday morning they found messages on the two banners in the window had been changed from sentiments encouraging people to remove President Obama from office to ones encouraging people to re-elect him, said Josh Wander, coordinator of the center that has operated for two weeks.

One banner originally said “Support Israel? Fire Obama.” The vandal painted an “H” over the “F” to change the message to “Hire Obama.”

Expect more violence like this in the days ahead.

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