Voter Group Finds 30,000 Dead People Still Registered to Vote in North Carolina

You know what they say:
9 out of 10 Dead Voters vote Democrat.

Voter Integrity Project finds 30,000 dead people still registered to vote in North Carolina.
The Charlotte Observer reported:

Raleigh-based group devoted to reducing the potential for voter fraud presented the N.C. Board of Elections on Friday with a list of nearly 30,000 names of dead people statewide who are still registered to vote.

The Voter Integrity Project compiled the list after obtaining death records from the state Department of Public Health from 2002 to March 31 and comparing them to the voter rolls.

“Mainly, what we’re concerned about is the potential [for fraud],” said project director Jay DeLancy. “Since there is no voter ID law in North Carolina, anybody can walk in and claim to be anyone else.”

DeLancy said his group has found evidence to suggest voter fraud in these numbers, but will not quantify how much until he is able to do more analysis.

Don’t let the Democrats know, they might hold a petition drive.

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