US Consulate in Northern Iraq Comes Under Rocket Attack (Updated)

According to Iranian Fars News the US Consulate in Kirkuk came under attack today.
Fars News reported:

The US consulate in Iraq’s Northern city of Kirkuk was targeted by rocket attacks, a source in Kirkuk police announced on Tuesday.

Alsumaria news agency quoted informed source in Kirkuk police department as saying that two Katyusha rockets struck the US consulate in the province.

The source said on the condition of anonymity that insurgents fired two Katyusha rockets at Kirkuk airport, host to US consulate in the city, on Monday evening.

The source added that security forces immediately identified the place from which the rockets had been launched and found the rocket-launcher.

There are yet no reports on the number of possible casualties or damage to properties by the attacks.

So far there are no other reports on this attack.

UPDATE: The US Consulate in Kirkuk has no reports on an attack at the website.

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