Paul Ryan: Iran Doesn’t Think Obama Is Serious Because He Lacks Credibility (Video)

Paul Ryan blasted President Obama’s weak foreign policy of “leading from behind” today on FOX News Sunday.

“When he puts the military option on the table he does it in a way that doesn’t have credibility because his administration sends out mixed signals such as they’re more worried about an Israeli attack than Iran getting a nuclear weapon… When you send those signals overseas the Ayatollahs don’t think we’re that serious because they’re racing toward a nuclear weapon. They’re four years closer to a nuclear weapon. Syria is a good example. When you hesitate. When you don’t speak with clarity. When you don’t project your confidence in American values, it projects weakness and equivocation. When you gut the military, as the president’s proposing to do, that shows that we’re weakening our resolve or weakening our military. And when you project weakness like this bad things happen and look what’s going on around the world.

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