In 1994 Axelrod Bashed Bush Playing Golf (Video)

In a 1994 interview David Axelrod bashed George H. Bush playing golf.

“One of the interesting things about this is that as you cite these statistics saying the economy is improving you almost do political damage to yourself. If you stand up and claim great progress you’re only frustrating this alienated middle class more… The other thing is Bush often tastelessly did it from the 9th hole.”

Via Free Republic:


Barack Obama has played golf at least 104 times since becoming president.


UPDATE: Mara added:

Your article here focuses on the video clip in which Axelrod bashes Bush for playing Golf. While that is certainly an important point… an even MORE IMPORTANT and AMAZING part of the clip is at the end when the other panel fellow says “You still like to beat up on Bush don’t you?” and Axelrod ADMITS “He’s the only thing we got left” and they all laugh… Axelrod is admitting they can never talk about policies and Bush bashing is ALL THEY GOT in that clip…

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