Several Leftist Groups, Including Violent Anarchists and #Occupiers, Plan on Protesting at the RNC Convention

Several leftist groups and unions are planning on holding protests in Tampa during the RNC Convention.
Code Pink is planning on holding another vagina protest.

Code Pink activists dressed as vaginas for the rally for free birth control and abortions yesterday in Washington DC in early August. (Twitchy)

The AP listed a few of the groups to look for.
The AP reported:

Several groups, primarily labor organizations and those supporting President Barack Obama’s economic and health-care stands, plan to demonstrate outside the Republican National Convention in the coming days. They include:

** AFL-CIO. The largest federation of labor unions in the United States, it is planning a massive canvassing effort this fall in all 50 states to turn out voters for Obama. It urges visitors to its website to “spread the word about Romney/Ryan’s harmful agenda for working families.”

** Service Employees International Union. Represents about 1.8 million service, health-care and government workers in the United States and Canada. The SEIU has teamed up with a pro-Obama super PAC to target Romney in ads and is expected to spend tens of millions to try to help Obama win.

** Planned Parenthood. A nonprofit group that provides birth control, women’s and reproductive health services and abortions, it has been a target of some Republican lawmakers who want to cut its government funding. The Obama campaign has seized on Romney’s comment that he would eliminate federal funding of the group.

** Occupy Wall Street. A protest movement that began last year and claims corporations have undue influence over the U.S. government, its activities have fizzled somewhat in 2012. The nationwide movement has also issued a call for protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, where an Occupy tent city was disbanded last winter.

** Patients Over Politics, Doctors For America. A group of doctors, nurses and patients that supports the president’s health care overhaul, which Republicans call “Obamacare” and want to repeal.

** Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign. A coalition of community groups and non-profit organizations that says it is pushing for living-wage jobs, education, food, health and housing for all.

Anonymous activists released a video calling for “revolution” and violence at the RNC Convention. This week Tampa police found a stash of pipes, bricks and suspicious items on a rooftop in downtown Tampa.

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