RNC Sends Cake to Obama for Birthday With Message: “You Didn’t Bake This”

The RNC sent Barack Obama a cake today on his 51st birthday with message, “You didn’t bake this” written on top of the cake.

The Huffington Post reported:

The Republican National Committee mocked President Barack Obama on Friday, sending a cake to the Democratic National Committee with a backhanded message commemorating Obama’s upcoming birthday.

“You didn’t bake this,” reads text on the cake, which is vanilla with vanilla frosting, according to Yahoo! News. It’s a reference to Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remark last month, which he made while talking about the need to maintain investments in domestic infrastructure for the good of businesses.

“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help,” Obama said. “There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

Barack Obama celebrated the day by going on his 104th round of golf as president.

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