RNC Convention Wednesday Night Open Thread

Headline speakers tonight:
Paul Ryan, Condoleeza Rice, Susana Martinez, Tim Pawlenty, and Rob Portman

The Times Picayune listed five things to watch for this evening,

No. 1: Paul Ryan expected to talk about more than just policy
When GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan takes to the Republican National Convention stage Wednesday night, he’s expected to zero in more on his own story than specifics about Medicareor his economic policies that have come up on the campaign trail, the Associated Press reported.

No. 2: Condoleezza Rice makes resurgence, says U.S. should be doing more in Syria
Ahead of her address Wednesday night, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke with “CBS This Morning,” saying the U.S. should step up in Syria and move to arm its opposition forces.

No. 3: Once considered potential VP picks Tim Pawlenty, Rob Portman to speak ahead of Ryan
Less buzz is floating around online about what former Minnesota governor and presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman will talk about in their speeches, but it’s been reported that Portman will stand in as Barack Obama to help Romney prepare for debates with the president.

No. 4: More spirited attacks on Obama

No. 5: Ron Paul ‘tribute’ to air at convention
After Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, supporters walked out on the convention following a brouhaha on the floor Tuesday, the GOP is scheduled to air a video tribute on the Texas

Oh, and by the way… Do you feel lucky, punk?  Take a guess at tomorrow night’s mystery speaker.

Consider this an Open Thread for the RNC Convention tonight. Enjoy!


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